StarQuad v1

Starvend's UK exclusive toy capsule vending machine!

*Improved upsale and increased revenue via cashless payments

*Customer sales reports provided

*Free installation of machines and high commission percentage paid

*All capsules are made from 100% recycled plastic - Bin included

Features :


Debit and credit cards - Swipe, contact or contactless, EMV chip cards
Mobile & NFC payments - Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay
Interac, Swish, Twint, Paytm, MobilePay
Monyx Wallet
Prepaid cards and closed environments
Static and dynamic QR codes
Coin Acceptor

Advertsing Light Decals
Nixie Tube Coin Display

Machine Details :

Size - 136cm H x 76cm W x 51.5cm D
Weight - 80kg
Power - AC 220V DC 12V
Environmental Condition - In-door use only

Options :

Personalised Vinyl Graphics
Display Board
Customized Recycling Bin

*The perfect solution for large supermarket chains etc

StarQuad v1